Save the date!  Celebration of Art  (at MJCC):  Oct  27-28th 

Art Jury:  June 3rd – 9:30 – 11:30 @ Neveh Shalom

If you haven’t juried your work yet and want to, this is the perfect time. We’re only going to have one jury this year.  If you’re new to this process, no need to stress–we’re emerging artist friendly!

*You can’t be in Celebration of Art without jurying into the show.

If you know anyone who would like to be a member or guest COA artist and jury, please send them our way.

The jury application will be updated soon (and found in the membership section under the “about ORA” tab).

Annual Meeting:  May 6th – 1 pm – 3 pm @ Neveh Shalom 

This is where we elect officers.  (If you’d like to be more involved, e-mail Sharon!)

We’ll do a Meet and Greet – We each bring and display a piece of our art and share. It’s a good way to get to know each other.

More later.

Time to JAM!


March 4th through March 23rd

JAM (Jewish Arts Month) IS:
3 weeks of rotating art exhibits:
a different set of artists each week

Exhibits are in the lobby of Mittleman Jewish Community Center
6651 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, Oregon

All art is available for sale. Admission is free.

Each exhibit goes up on Sunday, and comes down on Friday.

Trip to OJM on Feb. 4th at 11 am.  

There is still time to join us for a Private Tour of OJM with a very knowledgeable docent. The Museum is closed to the public while we are taking this tour.  This is the last day for the exhibit, I AM THIS, Art by Oregon Jewish Artists.
The price is $5 for the tour whether you’re a member or not!  Please have the $5 in cash, ready to give me when we enter.  
We’re planning on having lunch at Lefty’s Cafe at noon.  The Cafe is right on the premise and I thought it would be the easiest place to chat and have coffee, a salad or sandwich.  You can place an order ahead of time at Lefty’s to speed up service.  The menu is on line if you go to OJM’s website.  Check it out!

Cradle board art creations for display and sale at Jewish Arts Month in March are due on February 4th! 

[The theme is “SPRING”.]

If members haven’t gotten a 6” x 6” wood cradle board to decorate for our “Scholarship Fund for Kids”, please let Sharon know and we’ll find a way to get one to you.  

Taste of Art 2017