Cradle Board Jam!

Let’s create together!

Sunday, January 5th, 12-8 (open  house)

Creative time! Come and work on your 2020 cradle board for JAM at Wendelin’s home.  Bring art supplies and snacks to share.  See the email sent to members for more info!

Peace & Justice Exhibit !

Former ORA member Sara Harwin is joined by Professor Kanaan Kanaan and Inga Dubay in a very beautiful art Exhibit opening next week at the Mittleman Jewish Community Center. Info is listed in the flier posted below! This is really a gorgeous exhibit not to be missed! The discussion will shed great light on these lettering traditions and holy words! Won’t you join us?

peace and justice-flyer

Art & Spirit Workshop : Shirona Lurie


Discover Your Hebrew Letter:  We gathered together at the MJCC Sunday afternoon to learn about the mystical qualities of the hebrew alphabet. Recovering from shoulder surgery, Shirona didn’t miss a beat…sharing information about each individual letter, each shape, the gematria (mystical numerical values), and notable words starting with those letters. See the photos below!!!!!

And so began this lovely workshop that blended mysticism and collage. With meditative music playing the background, ten individuals selected their letters. Some chose the first letter of their hebrew name…. others chose a letter because of the shape or mystical meaning. Two hours later, beautiful art emerged.

Thank you Shirona Lurie!

Our next workshop will be March 10 2019…..stay tuned for more details!