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Functional and decorative, this 10.3” dish is a stand out!

The shape is called Origami. If you look closely at the photo you will see asymetrical drop lines giving the plate an unusual sense of dimensionality.

Fused between layers of black and clear glass is a thin layer of copper forming a fanciful hebrew letter, the Lamed. A dichroic glass heart crowns the letter.

My inspiration for this piece comes from the great Rabbi Akiva who taught that in Hebrew, the Lamed (Lamed, Mem, Dalet) is an acronym for the Hebrew phrase ˆ”Lev May-veen Da’at” which can be translated as “ a heart that understands knowledge.” The knowledge I gained from this art piece, is that photographing shiny glass is not for amateurs! Basic black isn’t your color? I am happy to make this plate in other colors….just ask me!

Shipping or local pick up  is available and will be arranged between artist and customer.

Artist: Eddy Shuldman
Phone: 503-522-6375
Email:  mameleh@comcast.net
Website: sparksofspiritglass.blogspot.com

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