NewCAJE  2019 was held at Reed College. ORA was invited to participate….and that we did! What’s NewCAJE? It’s the Conference of Jewish Educators!!!!

Some of our ORA Members answered the call Saturday night to lead about 100 participants in Havdallah in the Modern Mishkan art installation by Diane Fredgant with an accompanying Chuppah by Laura joy Fendel.

Sunday morning we opened an art sale featuring the art of Wendelin Russell, Diane Fredgant, Laura Joy Fendel, Eddy Shuldman, Deborah Eisenbach Budner, Judith Hankin, Brauna Ritchie, Andrea Meyer, and Glenn Decherd.

We also taught an art workshop! Diane Fredgant, Wendelin Russel, Laura Joy, Esther Liberman and Eddy Shuldman taught  “A Word of Torah, A Piece of Art.” It was so well attended that we had to expand our work tables into the hallway!

So proud of our ORA artists!

Visioning the Future

About 25 members gathered a few nights ago to begin visioning the future of ORA.

You won’t see any photos of  board of directors because we asked members to guide themselves through a series of key questions. During the debrief, board members took copious notes.  We’ll continue to refine the work done first in a board retreat and then this visioning meeting with our members.

We are blessed to have so many insightful members ready to share their wisdom !

We expect to see real growth in the next couple of years!!!!!
Keep your eyes on us!

Linda Bourne at the Ceramic Showcase!

Linda Bourne will be in Booth 48 at Oregon Potter’s Association 37th annual Ceramic Showcase at the Oregon Convention Center. It is April 26-28th, Friday 10-7pm, Saturday 10-6pm, and Sunday 10-4pm. It is in conjunction with Gathering of the Guilds which includes woodworking, metalwork, jewelry, glass, beads, and hand weaving. IMG_0840


From Top to Bottom: Diane Fredgant, Laura Fendel, Wendelin Russel, Eddy Shuldman

We are most pleased to invite the public to a very special event!

Thursday evening , February 21st at 7pm we will host an artist talk back.

You’ll see a multi-media slide show about our journey individually and collectively.

Learn about the process of making art in a variety of media including painting, sculpture, fabric construction, and glass. Interact with the artists, ask questions while enjoying some yummy snacks and libations!



ORA Members Diane Fredgant, Wendelin Russell, Laura Fendel, and Eddy Shuldman will open a new exhibit at Congregation Neveh Shalom called ART of SACRED COMMUNITY. 

The show will launch Sunday February 10, 2019 and coincides with the 150th anniversary of this Congregation.  Here’s the information about how you can see the art work…(some will be available for sale).  For more information about the artwork you can expect to see scroll down below the image!

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Ahavai Shalom and Neveh Tzedek were two wonderful congregations located in Portland Oregon. They merged and became Neveh Shalom.

Intrigued by the names, our critique group set out to study each word :                                                 Ahavai– love      Shalom- peace       Neveh– oasis      Tzedek- justice

Our exhibit reflects that study.

At the top left you see a portion of a beautiful piece of fabric art made by Laura Fendel that blends imagery from founding congregations Ahavai Shalom and Neveh Tzedek as well as the current Neveh Shalom. Remarkable in its juxtaposed architecture, it evokes a sense of past and present. There is also a holiness and the spiritual that is communicated through the textures of this piece.

Silk artist Diane Fredgant has been conceptualizing this piece for sometime and its evolution has been a significant element in her spiritual journey as an artist. Best known for her tallitot, this installation piece is a contemporary interpretation of the Mishkan (our portable sanctuary in the desert.) You will step into a holy space and a unique experience. You will find spiritual refuge, contact with holy words, and the beginnings of many questions!

Wendelin Russell is a painter. There will be a few small paintings but her large effort is a wonderful interpretation of being at the Kotel, also known as the wailing wall. You won’t see tears in this exploration of this timeless structure. There is expansiveness and yet, there are tiny details that demand you give yourself to the painting, and in return you will experience something quite moving.

Glass is a strange medium to be used in a ritual item that doesn’t hold wine! Eddy Shuldman works in fused glass and sees the fragile nature of glass as a sacred reminder that the gift of Torah is special and merits our attention and care. She has crafted two Adornments for the Torah. Breastplates connotes armor so she prefers the term adornment. There will be additional fused glass items on display as well that reflect the theme of our study: ART of SACRED COMMUNITY.


Here’s the fine print….the exhibit is free and open to the public!

Laura Joy Fendel: Israeli Exhibition!

Our very own Laura Joy will participate in a beautiful show called “The Fabric of Our Lives” @ PICO in Jerusalem.  We are so very proud of her! The show opens Monday!

Left : Arrows of Intension – pieces of fabric in my stash became connections in a full wall quilt.   21” X 46” editor’s comment: intension and intention are 2 different words. intension used here means the internal content of a concept.

Middle: Ashie’s Tunnels – My grandson Asher drew a picture a few years ago of houses and underneath were tunnels.  He inspired this quilt.

Right: City in Motion – There are sections of communities connected to each other.


Yup…that’s Laura Joy on the left!

If Jerusalem is a little out of your way, just have a bit of patience. Her newest work will appear in a group show right here in Portland, Oregon opening February 10, 2019.

Stay tuned for the details!