Great Member Education Workshop

IMG_0366Members gathered for yet another successful workshop, this time about how to use social media. Jodi Fuchs was our featured speaker (by way of a pre-recorded talk) and accompanying slide show. She spoke about the various ways social media can be a tool in getting art work “out there!” Jodi is one of our newer members who has relied heavily on pinterest, etsy, instagram, blogging, Facebook, and websites to get her beautiful artwork into the hands of buyers.

Julia Waco is another ORA member who has discovered the usefulness of instagram. Her brief presentation motivated several members to begin using this tool.

We followed the presentations with a hands on workshop that allowed every attendee the opportunity to  begin accessing the social media of their choice.

Our thanks to the instructors: Naomi Fredgant, Esther Liberman, and Eddy Shuldman …and kudos to board member SHARON SEGAL for organizing another successful gathering.

One thought on “Great Member Education Workshop

  1. lindaibourne says:

    Eddy’s video of her interview with Jodi gave us excellent information. Breaking up into small groups afterwards gave us a chance to ask individual questions. Very well done! Thanks to Sharon for organizing this.

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